During their first year in Alpha Zeta Partners, new members participate in four seminars to build valuable, professional leadership skills.

Seminar I: Students will explore transformational leadership in their current and future personal and professional lives.

Seminar II: Through study, direct observation, and first-hand experiences, students will spend three days exploring fundamental concepts of diversity and pluralism, and how they are interrelated in Columbus, Ohio.

Seminar III Study Abroad: Students will travel to Piracicaba, Brazil for an OSU study abroad. While there, students will explore historical, institutional, organizational, and individual leadership perspectives of a contemporary foreign society.

Seminar IV: In Washington D.C., students will seek to develop capacity for change in themselves in order to understand organizational change. They will also focus on changes at the USDA and other national organizations.

Seminar V: New in 2018, members created the idea of hosting a fifth seminar focused on fellowship and service for those who have returned from Brazil. This cross-class design fosters an opportunity for interclass bonding and an excuse to reminicse on their own Brazil Study Abroad expereinces.