Fact Sheet

Alpha Zeta Partners First Year Experience

Initiation :

  • Spring Semester
  • Formal welcoming into the Townshend Chapter
  • Information session for parents 

Seminar 1: Personal Leadership Seminar

  • Autumn Semester 

  • Identify personal leadership styles 

  • Develop effective leadership 

  • Increase capacity to utilize leadership skills 


Seminar 2: Diversity Seminar

  • Autumn Semester 

  • Develop greater sense of cultural awareness 

  • Increase adaptability to cultural differences 

  • Explore different cultures and religions 

  • Workshop regarding diversity and inclusion 


Seminar 3: Immersion Learning in Brazil

  • January and February of 2020 

  • Six Weeks in Piracicaba, São Paulo 

  • The University of São Paulo Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ) 

  • Enrollment in 12 Credit Hours 

  • Objective is to experience a different culture, expand knowledge of global 
agriculture, and develop a global mindset 


Seminar 4: Change and Policy Seminar

  • Spring Break 2020 

  • Washington, D.C. 

  • Response to change within an organization and within your life 

  • Organizational Change 

  • Current Policy 



Endowment and special contributions will cover the cost of the leadership seminars. Some assistance will be available for the study abroad travel expense, but students will pay their normal tuition and a program fee of approximately $5,000, which includes airfare, in-country housing, transportation, and breakfasts for the study abroad portion. The tuition is for 12 credit hours at OSU. All financial aid and scholarships may be applied toward these fees. New members are also required to pay a National Alpha Zeta fee upon initiation of $95.