Class 19: Brazil Recap

March 29, 2018

Just over a month ago, Class 19 made their reappearance into the country after spending 6 weeks exploring the wonder that is Brazil. During this unique opportunity, students not only learned about agriculture in a foreign country, but also actively experienced a culture unlike their own. Before the trip, however, there was a cloud of doubt and uncertainty surrounding everyone, but after just a couple days, those emotions were replaced by excitement and relaxation. For most, this was their first long-term trip out of the United States, but by the end of the trip, Brazil had become a second home. In fact, the main hotel, Antonio’s Palace in Piracicaba, was affectionately referred to as “home” multiple times throughout the stay because its polite staff and comfortable atmosphere made everyone feel at ease. Resilience and adaptability soon became the theme as members were constantly pushed out of their normal comfort zones.

Other highlights of the study abroad included Brazilian homestays, agricultural industry tours, and the breathtaking yet continuously changing landscapes of the countryside. One day that stood out was experiencing Iguazu Falls, a breathtaking wonder of the world unable to be captured in a single photograph. The weather was simply gorgeous and allowed for a perfect day full of adventure.

“Travelling around the countryside and seeing all the operations was pretty great! There were lots of amazing people who are all willing to share their livelihoods with us to help us learn.”-Samuel Banks: 2nd year, Agronomy

“In Brazil, my favorite opportunity was participating in a homestay with my Brazilian family! It was difficult yet fun attempting to speak Portuguese and teaching my host family more English! It was interesting to learn more Portuguese to speak to my little host sister, Beatriz. My host family helped me to better understand Brazilian culture. I loved getting to know my Brazilian family!”-Marlee Stollar: 2nd year, Agricultural Communication

Traveling to Brazil offered Class 19 new experiences that can be taken with them into future opportunities. The trip also promoted growth and relationships within the group itself. Going into the study abroad, there were evident connections among the group, but afterwards, strong friendships began to solidify. Overall, Brazil offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand upon various global perspectives of agriculture and personal development.

“A major impact of my Brazil experience came directly from the unexpected friendships I developed along the way. Navigating through a foreign culture together created an amazing bond, faster than any I’ve ever experienced before, and I’m grateful for the memories we shared”-Natalie Rettig: 2nd year, Agribusiness and Applied Economics